Sage Pastel Payroll & HR Courses

Sage Pastel Payroll & HR hands-on Training Courses

Sage Pastel Payroll & HR Training Courses are hands on and interactive, enabling the trainee to actively take part in step-by-step procedures for each Payroll scenario in Africa. All lecturers have extensive and in-depth knowledge of the Payroll industry which ensures the highest standard of training offered.

If you would like us to host a training course in your country, do not hesitate to contact us on + 27 11 304 4253.

We offer the following training courses:

Sage Pastel Partner Payroll & HR Basic Training:

  • Fundamental product functions that you need to know.
  • Step-by-step procedures on defining your company setup.
  • Creating Employee Profiles, saving you time with tedious data capturing.
  • The correct procedures for processing payslips.
  • How to process adjustments.
  • Leave set-up and processing.

Sage Pastel Partner Payroll & HR Advanced Training:

  • Customising payslips to suit your needs.
  • Learn how to create your own transaction templates and special hourly rates.
  • Create your own formulae for specialised incentive and commission schemes.
  • Using the batch facility for doing multiple transaction input and importing files from a clock-card system.
  • Importing or exporting employee information.

Further Steps: