VIP Premier Payroll Training

Basic Workshop

Duration: 1 day
Price: $190

Create your own customised reports in Sage Intelligence for the various reporting request from payroll, hr and finance.

Course Outline
SI Report Manager Course Outline

  • Accessing SI Report Manager
  • Create customised reports in Sage Intelligence
  • Create union reports in Sage Intelligence
  • Add filters and parameters to reports
  • Creating pivot tables to reports in MS Excel
  • Save changes made in MS Excel in SI Report Manager

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Premier HR Employee Management

Duration:1 day
Price: $195

Utilising the Employee Management Module including adding or terminating an employee as well as employee transactions. Generating the necessary reports for audit and statistical purposes.

Employee Management Course Outline

  • Adding employees on the Premier HR system
  • Attaching documents to employee records
  • Linking existing employees to positions
  • Terminating employees on the Premier HR system
  • Changing employees’ positions
  • Document all interviews conducted with employees such as initial interviews, disciplinary enquiries and hearings, grievances, appraisal interviews and exit interviews
  • Recording general medical examinations
  • Accurate recording of all training interventions
  • Recording membership and status of professional bodies and unions
  • Printing Employee Management reports

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Premier Leave

Duration: 1 day
Price: $195

Users that have purchased the Leave Module will be able to fully utilise all the functionalities and understand the various leave reports and filters that are available to customise reports.

Course Outline

  • Using the Leave Control screen to define up to 30 different types of leave
  • Indicating public holidays on the Leave Calendar
  • Suggested take-on procedures
  • Defining Methods of Calculation to calculate leave entitlement for employees
  • Using batches to capture leave transactions
  • Entering leave transactions on the employee’s Leave Days screen
  • Creating customised leave reasons to identify leave trends
  • Using the system to warn you if an employee takes more leave than available
  • Using reference numbers to reference leave application forms
  • Ensuring effective leave management by understanding the standard leave reports

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Premier HR Job Management

Duration:1 day
Price: $195
Ability to manage employees’ job and positions on the Job Management module and generate the necessary reports.

Course Outline

  • Creating new Job Families
  • Creating new Positions
  • Link employees to Positions
  • Managing Positions
  • Adding information required for a specific position e.g. skills, qualifications, experiences, etc.
  • Updating the position information using the update Position wizard
  • Managing users and user zones
  • Customising the display of the explorer screens
  • Printing Job Management reports

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Premier HR Performance Manangement

Duration:1 Day

Ability to capture performance reviews and the to create a personal development plans for employees on the Performance Management Module

Course Outline

  • Performance management as a managerial tool
  • Guiding principles of performance management
  • Performance measurement and rating scales
  • Writing KPA’s and KPI’s according to SMART criteria
  • The performance management process
  • Identifying performance issues
  • Creating and executing personal development plans

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